2019 Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius

If you need an efficient hatchback for your commutes through Downey, Long Beach, and Anaheim, you’re probably considering a hybrid like the 2019 Hyundai Ioniq or Toyota Prius. Both are highly modern cars that sip on fuel, but which one has more of what Cerritos area drivers need?

To find out, the team at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore Cerritos put these two hybrids side-by-side in a Hyundai Ioniq vs. Toyota Prius car comparison .

2019 Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius Efficiency

One of the main reasons people choose to drive a hybrid is the fuel efficiency, and both the Ioniq and Prius promise to help you spend less time at the pump.

Both models face resistance head-on with a teardrop-shaped body that helps air easily roll over it. In fact, this design allows them both achieve a coefficient of drag below . 30 Cd. The Ioniq comes in at .24 Cd, and the Prius manages a .29 Cd.

What about the fuel economy numbers? When we compare the two hybrid cars side-by-side, this is what we see:

  • Hyundai Ioniq : EPA-estimated 57 MPG city, 59 MPG highway 1
  • Toyota Prius: EPA-estimated 48 MPG city, 43 MPG highway

In the end, the Ioniq appears to get you further than the Prius between fill-ups.

Interior Dimensions

If you’re like most local drivers, you probably spend a lot of time behind the wheel, so you’ll want a ride with plenty of space to get comfortable. You’ll definitely find that inside the Hyundai Ioniq and Toyota Prius.

Both cars give you approximately 39 inches of headroom and approximately 42 inches of legroom in the driver’s seat. Rear-seat passengers will also have comparable measurements, with approximately 37 inches of headroom and 35 inches of legroom.

Overall, though, you might have a bit more wiggle room in the Hyundai Ioniq , which offers a total of 96.2 cubic feet of passenger volume compared to 87.4 cubic feet in the Toyota Prius. We see a similar discrepancy when we compare cargo volume:

  • Hyundai Ioniq Cargo Volume: 26.5 cubic feet
  • Toyota Prius Cargo Volume: 17.1 cubic feet

Compared to the Ioniq , it seems that you might have to leave a few bags behind when you head to the airport in the Prius.

Safety Technology in the Ioniq vs Prius

As you drive through town or hit the highway, you’ll find that both the Ioniq and Prius offer several of safety technology systems to help you stay aware of your surroundings.

For example, they both make a lane departure alert system available. This system issues a warning if you’re accidentally drifting from your intended lane of travel. They also make a forward collision mitigation feature available that scans ahead for unseen hazards like cars or pedestrians.

The Hyundai Ioniq , however, offers several additional safety features that you won’t find in the Prius, like Blind Spot Detection with Lane Change Assist. This hybrid also offers the available Driver Attention Warning system. This system monitors your driving for erratic behaviors that might imply you’re too tired to drive.

Without a similar alert system, drivers in the Prius may be more prone to drowsy driving.

Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius: Which is Your Top Pick?

After comparing the 2019 Hyundai Ioniq vs. Toyota Prius, the team at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore Cerritos determined that the Ioniq has more to offer drivers in Cerritos, Downey, and Long Beach.

If you want to try it for yourself, pay us a visit and we’ll get you behind the wheel. Drivers in the greater Anaheim area can contact us to schedule a test drive today!

1 EPA estimates for comparison. Your actual mileage will vary with options, driving conditions, driving habits, and vehicle’s condition. Some accessories are not available on some models.